Battle of the Pitches!

Here’s a notice about an event coming up soon – it would be great if you could be there. Unbound proudly presents four of our talented writers in… Battle of the Pitches Help our authors crowdfund their way to publication and YOU decide the winner!  Jennie Ensor, author of Ghosts of Chechnya  Ian Skewis, author … More Battle of the Pitches!

Ghosts finds crowdfunding publisher Unbound

I’m over the moon that my novel Ghosts of Chechnya (a love story/thriller set in 2005 London) has been accepted for crowdfunding (and publication if that goes well) by Unbound, an award-winning independent crowdfunding publisher (@unbounders on Twitter). They have put out some fabulous books e.g. The Wake, longlisted for the Man Booker prize in … More Ghosts finds crowdfunding publisher Unbound

Disconnected: Notes from a small village in southwest France

Note: Owing to the chaos of my life recently, I’ve had to delay posting this. October 17, 2015 The only sounds are a fly batting against the window and radiators clicking. Church bells strike 10am, long and noisily. A gate creaks. Then, nothing. I crunch into my pain complet, breaking the silence. This is my … More Disconnected: Notes from a small village in southwest France

The End of Authonomy

Well, on Sunday evening I finally bit the bullet and retired my Authonomy account, shedding a silent tear in the process. Henceforth, no more ‘blueheart’, my screen name for the past two years. (Thank goodness, I am a relative ‘newbie’ to this writing community without the crusty familiarity of those old-timers with 5 or 6 … More The End of Authonomy

Remembering 7/7

I felt I ought to do something to acknowledge the tenth anniversary of 7/7, given that I’m a Londoner and the events that July are a significant part of Ghosts of Chechnya. But what? Though I was in London on that day in July 2005, I wasn’t anywhere near where the bombs went off, nor … More Remembering 7/7

Deep, man…

That Hubble photo is amazing. I wonder what the non-humans on all the other planets think when they see eclipses and pictures of distant galaxies – and do they have as many views of it all as we lot do?

The Pressure of Time on the Modern Writer, or Where did all my time go?

Short answer: The Internet Long answer: Internet-overloaded brain susceptible to multiple distractions Back in the good old days when I was an unreconstructed technophobe, I would shut myself in my office after breakfast, refuse to answer the phone or open the front door, and linger blissfully on my novel-in-progress until I felt too hungry to … More The Pressure of Time on the Modern Writer, or Where did all my time go?