A lot happening…

A quick update. My ‘big do’ – the launch for Blind Side paperback – is tomorrow and I haven’t yet decided what to wear, which bit to read from the book, written any bullet points or pressed anyone into taking photographs. That will all have to wait for my return from the London Book Fair, where … More A lot happening…

Guest post: Why you should consider joining a writing group

Here’s another of my occasional author guest posts. Today I hand over to fellow Unbound author, Shona Kinsella, whose debut novel Ashael Rising has just been published. Ms Kinsella describes her experience with the writing community Scribophile. (I joined Scribophile once, I must confess, and did nothing there whatsoever except read about the karma system and decide it wasn’t for me. But maybe … More Guest post: Why you should consider joining a writing group

To the man in my bed

It’s that time of year again. You know what I’m talking about. All that gushy, lovey-dovey stuff. Cards with hearts on, films with kissing couples and soppy music. Roses appearing mysteriously. Blog posts peppered with the ‘L’ word. So I may as well join in. Here’s a poem I wrote a while back:   To the man … More To the man in my bed

Life as an Author, six months on #Sundayblogshare #writinglife

As it’s half a year since my first novel Blind Side hit the digital shelves last July, and almost a year since my book project was funded (February 2016), I thought I’d take a peek back at the year. Yes, I’m a bit late with this looking back stuff, but I’ve been busy. “How I walked into my … More Life as an Author, six months on #Sundayblogshare #writinglife