Deep, man…

That Hubble photo is amazing. I wonder what the non-humans on all the other planets think when they see eclipses and pictures of distant galaxies – and do they have as many views of it all as we lot do?

19th Arrondissement

That astronomical phenomena, such as lunar and solar eclipses and comets, have, in objective reality, no causal or signifying relationship with human affairs, does not mean that the causal and signifying relationship we have accorded celestial phenomena from the “Star” of Bethlehem to the Tunguska Event is not a fascinating area of study.

And we all ascribe meaning to celestial phenomena. The setting sun should, in a rational world, tell us only the time of day, yet it excites our emotions and seems to signify far more than that it is time to down tools and leave the fields of our labour. The full moon brings to mind thoughts that the infant or aged moon does not. A falling star thrills not because it is the death of a four billion year old fragment of the solar system but because it appeared to us. An eclipse, lunar or solar…

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