I’m a Celtic-at-heart Londoner descended from a long line of Irish folk. For much of my life I’ve been a wandering soul, but for a while now I’ve shared a house with my husband and our Airedale terrier. We live alternately in London and the French Pyrenees, where I can gaze up at the night sky to my heart’s content, swim in mountain lakes and set off on long walks in the wilderness.

I began my writing career as a freelance journalist, often writing about people doing bad things. This theme has continued in my novels: Russian gangsters, terrorism and war crimes feature in Blind Side, sexual abuse and exploitation in The Girl in His Eyes, and criminal gangs and police corruption in Silenced, a semi-finalist in the 2022 Book Bloggers Novel of the Year competition.

My latest book, The Bad Neighbour is a psychological thriller set in an English village during the 2020 lockdown, about two women who start to suspect they are living nextdoor to a killer. Themes I explore include social isolation, and bullying and shaming via social media.