Read and review Blind Side, or else…

So,finally, my novel Blind Side was published in July.

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If you’ve read it I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! If you haven’t – what are you waiting for? No, seriously, I understand there are a ton of good books out there, and the Olympics are on TV, and the weather’s nice (unless you’re in Tasmania, perhaps).

A request for anyone who’s read my book

Whether you pledged with Unbound or bought your copy of Blind Side: If you enjoyed the book, I’d be greatly chuffed if you could spare a few minutes to put up a review and a few stars on Amazon – or maybe Goodreads if you’re on there. Short, no-frills is fine. Thank you! And my thanks to anyone who has done this already.

Book bloggers

If you’d like to read Blind Side, please get in touch via the Contact page on this blog,

Anyone who has pledged for Blind Side and hasn’t yet got the book in a readable form

First, my commiserations to anyone who’s had difficulties with the technical side of getting the e-book. This can be tricky – there are so many different computing devices and e-readers around, and the version of the e-book you need depends on the device you want to read it on. Basically you are entitled to download each of the three different versions (.mobi, .epub or .pdf), though you may only need the one.

If you can’t find the email from Unbound (sent July 23) ‘Blind Side ebook now available’, you can get the book at any time. First log in to, then go to the Blind Side eBooks page to download the book.

(Anyone who’s not yet downloaded their copy can read this from here too.)

You can choose from:

  • a .mobi (a Kindle or a Kindle app installed on your Windows tablet/device, Android phone or iPhone, iPad etc – these are free to download from the web),
  • an .epub (e-Readers or Apple devices with iBooks/iTunes installed) or
  • a .pdf (anyone who isn’t on Amazon or iTunes, or hasn’t got a Kindle or similar reading device)

Extra step if you have a Kindle: The e-books that you buy on Amazon arrive invisibly via Whispanet. To get the Blind Side e-book onto the Kindle you will need to transfer the (.mobi) file from the computer which you used to download onto. There are instructions for how to do this on the Unbound web page.  (For old Kindles: connect a cable and copy the .mobi file onto the Kindle using Windows Explorer or similar software, as if copying a file onto a memory stick.)

Unbound have online helpers who emerge once you’ve logged in, who will help with any problems that might arise. Alternatively you can email (or phone them) and they will happily sort it all out.

Where to buy Blind Side

Amazon link for any country: ~
Amazon UK

I think that’s all for now! (No more techie stuff in the blog, I promise).


I’m off for a few weeks to south-west France to recover from the excitement stress and fatigue of Blind Side’s publication, so you won’t hear from me for a while. I’m looking forward to relaxing in the garden with my Kindle, writing a little and enjoying some hot sunshine. No getting lost on long mountains walks this time, hopefully.

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