Made it! – in the Nick of Time

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.

First, on July 31st my book landed on the Authonomy Editors’ Desk. Cue delighted celebration, mutters of relief from long suffering husband and friends sick of hearing of the latest rise or fall of Ghosts.

Screen shot GoC Ed Desk prev selections

Then on 19 August I got my review from Harper Collins, which I hadn’t expected for months.

The next day I read with disbelief the announcement that Authonomy is Closing:

Authonomy closing

It all feels surreal – and very sad. Yes, the world will continue well enough without Authonomy. There are other writing communities, and other, better ways of getting one’s books published.

But life without ‘the Desk’ and the forums won’t be the same for many writers, including me. No more threads where you can share, chat, argue and stir up trouble. No more obsessive chart gazing and angsting about those sneaky little numbers that seemed to have a life of their own…

Adieu, Autho

2 thoughts on “Made it! – in the Nick of Time

  1. Authonomy was a writer-saving discovery for me, especially when I discovered the Women’s Fiction Critique Group. Quickly, the group was all that mattered and even though I’m no longer active, I have contacts, including you, who I intend to keep in touch with. I hope you’re new ‘home’ is even kinder to you than Authonomy has been to all of us.

    1. Thanks Juli! The WFCG has been very important to me, some excellent writers there – and on Authonomy too of course. The move to a new home has unsettled me. Let’s stay in touch, yes. Australia is my second home but it’s so damned far away… All the best with settling back over there

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