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Her father abused her when she was a child. For years she was too afraid to speak out. But now she suspects he’s found another victim…

Laura, a young woman struggling to deal with what her father did to her a decade ago, is horrified to realise that the girl he takes swimming might be his next victim. Emma is twelve – the age Laura was when her father took away her innocence.

Intimidated by her father’s rages, Laura has never told anyone the truth about her childhood. Now she must decide whether she has the courage to expose him and face the consequences.

Can Laura overcome her fear and save Emma before the worst happens?

The Girl In His Eyes is a dark and compulsive psychological thriller, which will appeal to fans of authors like Katerina Diamond, Dennis Lehane and B A Paris. It’s about the consequences of child abuse, and the lies that people tell themselves and each other.

How to buy the book

THE GIRL IN HIS EYES is published by Bloodhound Books on 18 September 2018 in paperback (£8.99) and e-book (normal price £1.99).

E-book 99p/99c for a limited time, and can be bought from:
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Paperback available on Amazon (links above) and, or ask your local bookshop to order a copy.

London stockist

West End Lane Books 277 West End Lane, London NW6 1QS


“It’s riveting reading, albeit uncomfortable at times, but it tackles the subject of abuse so brilliantly because it shows the ease with which a man can justify his actions and how those closest to him can accept them too. The concept of deception at all levels underpins this book and fascinates the reader. The Girl In His Eyes disturbs, shocks and disconcerts. It is also convincing, captivating and all too credible. It’s a book I won’t forget in a hurry.” – Linda’s Book Bag (Bloggers Bash Best Overall Blog 2018)

“The Girl in his Eyes is an incredible novel that will really stay with me. It’s such a prescient novel about the lasting damage of sexual abuse but it’s so beautifully and sensitively written that you’ll find yourself utterly absorbed in the story and won’t want to stop turning the pages. I read it in one sitting because it had me gripped from the opening chapter. I highly recommend it!” – Rather Too Fond of Books blog

“The Girl in his Eyes is an edgy, compulsive read with a disturbing sense of unease that doesn’t let up until the end. I devoured it in two sittings.” – Linda Huber, author of Death Wish, Baby Dear and Ward Zero

“A well written domestic noir that is both unsettling and compulsive reading. An addictive story that will grab your attention from the very beginning!” – J.A. Baker, bestselling author of The Other Mother and Undercurrent

“A brave and important book that unflinchingly tackles subject matter lesser authors struggle with. Ensor ensnares her readers in a cold, clammy grip of dread and helplessness. Simply riveting.” – Kerensa Jennings, author of bestselling literary thriller Seas Of Snow

“This slow unfolding of chaos beneath the façade of middle-class respectability is a real page-turner; I read it over three days and couldn’t wait to get back to my Kindle every time. What makes this novel about this most heinous of crimes stand out is that Jennie Ensor has been bold enough to write from the point of view of the perpetrator, as well as the abused.” – Terry Tyler, author of The Devil You Know, You Wish and other titles

“A book with a moral dilemma at its heart, and yet one that so many young girls and women face, and what better way to explore it than in the hands of Jennie Ensor who has already proved herself to be a fearless author.” – Cleo Bannister, Cleopatra Loves Books blog

“An all-too-real tale of domestic abuse and the lies that people tell themselves and each other. Disturbing, moving and compelling.” – Ian Skewis, author of bestselling crime thriller A Murder Of Crows

“Jennie Ensor will set on fire every emotion in you because you will feel it through her characters, including the shame. The shame that the victims shoulder that it must be their fault and the shame of the abuser for being found out, not for what they have done.” – Susan Hampson, Books From Dusk Till Dawn blog

“The Girl in his Eyes is a challenging and compelling read that draws you in from the very first page – and will stay with you long after you have read the last.” – Alex Day, author of The Missing Twin

“Ensor’s novels are brave and bold; she is never afraid to broach challenging topics. In The Girl In His Eyes she tackles a controversial and harrowing subject, exploring the far reaching consequences of one man’s actions and the devastating impact on everyone involved.” Katherine Sunderland, Bibliomaniac blog

“A dark and compelling psychological thriller that bravely takes us inside the heads of both the abused and the abuser. The characters and their thoughts come alive on the page with a raw honesty, and the dilemmas they face feel frighteningly plausible.” – M.R. Mackenzie, author of In the Silence

The Girl in His Eyes is a book that will keep you awake well into the early hours. Grizzly, compelling, and absolutely necessary, this is a perfect thriller to cut right to the heart of some of the most prevalent issues in society today. Ensor shows real skill throughout!” – C.S. Barnes, Bloodhound Books author