Sunday paper interview! & The Girl In His Eyes cover reveal

Sharing my childhood story for the first time

It’s hard to believe, for me as much as anyone else, but I’ve just been interviewed by the magazine of a bestselling Sunday paper on my second book THE GIRL IN HIS EYES, and the real life story that inspired it.

As those of you who read my last blog post will know, I decided to go public about sexual abuse in my childhood – it feels like the right time to share this, with current climate, and I really hope it might inspire a few others to speak out too, especially about abuse from within the family. We collectively seem so uncomfortable discussing this topic, whereas the more people are able to talk about it the better, it seems to me. Then, who knows, fewer children might suffer in silence, unable to find the courage to tell the truth.

Also, I’ve already been asked what inspired the book quite a few times – and I’m sure that now it’s about to be published, more will be asking the same thing. It feels important to be open about this now, given the years as a child I kept quiet about what was happening to me.

It’s a big decision though, as husband and friends and fellow authors/bloggers have pointed out. Once one makes something public, it can’t be withdrawn. Newspapers have been known to distort and sensationalise facts, and can I be sure they won’t do this with my story? I can’t be sure, but I hope they won’t. Sunglasses and a new hairstyle may need to be found once it’s published, possibly. Which is not for another month, I’ve been told, so plenty of time to get nervous.

Actually, I’ve been surprised at how interest there has been in my story. It’s exciting, but also slightly terrifying, the idea that a small chunk of the nation may soon open their Sunday paper and start reading about events in my life that I’ve previously shared only with close friends and therapists, in the main.

I felt rather tense before the interview. This is a totally new thing for me, having always been on the other side of interviews, asking the questions not being asked. I’d prepared all my notes, water and so forth only for a two hour delay, during which I hurriedly ate something and collected the dog from his de-furring session. But it all went OK in the end. I hope. Better get back to the reporter now, and add a few things I forgot to say 🙂

And here it is… THE GIRL IN HIS EYES cover

final cover

The same day as the interview, Bloodhound Books put my book up on NetGalley. Now the cover is out in public for the first time too.

I must admit, I wasn’t too sure about it at first. The girl looks a little younger perhaps than the girl in the book, and isn’t how I imagined her. But it’s growing on me. There’s quite a disturbing feel about it, I think, which is fitting. Any thoughts?

If anyone would like to review THE GIRL IN HIS EYES in advance of publication (blurb below) you can Request on NetGalley 

Book on Netgalley Bloodhound FB post


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