News and Plans for 2018

This post is a little later than I intended owing to being away over Christmas, domestic interruptions (fridge delivery, Virgin cutting off our internet), other things needing attention (tax return) and time-management issues. Writing news In 2017 I started submitting short stories to competitions and devoted regular mornings to writing (and editing) them. Earlier this … More News and Plans for 2018

INVASION by Jennie Ensor #Brexit #flashfiction

Seeing this is the week that Britain began its exit from Europe, I thought I’d mark the occasion with my short short story. Featured image by @Stefansstuff INVASION The birds arrived in small groups, day after day. In poor condition, with torn wings or broken claws or beaks missing, some floating in feather-stained water. Those that could sought … More INVASION by Jennie Ensor #Brexit #flashfiction

A Halloween Story

Just finished, here’s my Halloween offering to put you in the right mood. I used to love horror stories. As the days shortened, Mum would often find me lost in a book when I should have been tidying my room, enjoying the creepy thrill of the inexplicable. But since last Halloween, I can’t stomach them.   … More A Halloween Story