Book out in 4 weeks!!!

The other day, after returning home from a most enjoyable holiday in France, I had a stab of realisation. My novel will be out in a mere 4 weeks!!! Eek!! My restored sense of inner tranquillity and vague thoughts of ‘Everyone’s on holiday now, you can relax for a while’, were instantly shattered. Cake flavour and hair colour for the launch party are currently being decided on, along with other very important things, such as who to invite.

On a more serious note, I’ve started a rough project plan listing what I should be getting on with, starting with the articles, guest posts and Q&A answers that I need to write (must try really hard not to leave them to the last minute). Then there’s a Twitter chat to prepare for, emails to local bookshops re stocking the paperback, sending the paperback out to journalists and reviewers, etc etc. So much to do in so little time.

I believe TGHIE is going to speak strongly to many women, especially, including those who have been abused, bullied or oppressed in other ways by men. I hope very much that my book might help a few of them, in however small a way. (Of course sexual abuse victims can be men too, I hasten to add I’ve known a few such men and have seen the terrible impact it can have.)

Launch invite no details

All of this media flurry is exciting, of course – and potentially a little nerve-wracking. Hmm, a live interview with thousands of people listening… I well remember my anxiety two years ago when my first novel launched. Will readers like my book, for one.

This time, I’m bracing myself for some stronger reactions, given that part of the novel is from the viewpoint of a child abuser. I’m relieved though that despite a few people who’ve declined to read the book, there’s been some incredibly positive comments from the earliest readers. Here’s a sneak peak of the endorsements to go inside the paperback. I’m thankful and still a little overwhelmed by the response so far. Huge thanks to each of the authors and bloggers who were able to read in advance and comment, including a few who aren’t listed below.

Endorsements for TGHIE

Despite all the angst-ridden and nailbiting moments that may lie ahead, I’ve vowed to take whatever steps I can to stay relaxed and not to fret about stuff (mindfulness CDs, daily yoga, jogging with the dog). I will do my best to enjoy the ride this book takes me on, wherever it may end up 😊

Book info

THE GIRL IN HIS EYES is to be published by Bloodhound Books on 18 September in paperback (£8.99) and e-book (normal price £1.99). Available to pre-order on Amazon in both formats from 7 September (e-book price 99p for a limited time). Paperback orderable from most UK bookshops.

Jennie Ensor’s Amazon Author Page

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  1. Reblogged to help with exposure – hope that’s okay and very good luck with it all and I really hope that you are able to enjoy the sense of accomplishment.

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