A Plague on All Our Houses

An amusing piece on the plague that’s overnight changed our lives, while you calculate when and if you’re going to risk setting foot out of the front door, and what the chances of succumbing to the virus might be…
I for one shall be using rose petals if toilet roll stocks dry up 🙂 Not so sure about reading Camus.

Timeout2 Blog

DSCN9857Despite the title, I am hopeful. Being housebound after the longest, coldest winter ever has me straining against the leash. I think that the dog collar around my neck has spikes on it.

DSCN9867Hope springs eternal. A couple of weeks ago, hoping to speed spring along, I opened my Beck’s Catalog and dog-eared pages that would see me ordering flowers for spring. And then, dressed in my L.L. Bean’s flannel-lined jeans (which I had worn for the past months) I photographed some summer clothing  that I might wear to the Texas coast if my flight on April fourth is not cancelled. 

Am I stir-crazy? You bet!

And to make matters worse, HP up-dated my computer, and nothing is where it was! Their update is my nightmare. Yes, I am frozen in time, and their up-dates have not enhanced my writing life.

That said, I am writing an article on

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