It’s that time again…

…when bloggers remember they do actually have a blog (my hand is up, have lapsed lately) and people wish each other all sorts of unlikely to be achieved states of mind. Many of us are overcome with a collective impulse to buy stuff, eat too much and do things we don’t really want to but feel we should to keep up with expectations or make our loved ones happy (putting up a Christmas tree in my case – Mr E loves them, I see a heap of needles on the floor and hours of fussing with erection and decoration).

Tree decorated just now

My thoughts are with everyone who’s feeling sad and not in the mood for being merry – everyone who’s alone and doesn’t want to be, or has lost someone, or is unwell, distressed about floods/bushfires/the state of the planet… With so many people here in Britain falling out with each other over politics and Brexit, I don’t feel at all merry or joyous but I’m doing my best to find that spirit of tolerance, forgiveness and goodwill. (It’s there somewhere…)

Lately I’ve been too immersed in writing the first draft of my latest novel to send any cards and have only just bought presents. Blog, social media, house and husband have all been neglected. (Not good at multitasking.) I have been full steam ahead poring over my computer screen, learning about teen and urban slang, police procedures and the inner workings of violent street gangs in London, and watching drill music videos and Top Boy. (Yes, I have decided to return to the dark side with a crime thriller.) Trying not to write too much or will have a mini series!!

Here’s some pics from north London where my novel is set:

Tottenham cemetery

River Lea

I probably won’t get around to posting a list of my favourite books of the year or the momentous moments of the last decade, so I’ll wish you the very best possible Christmas, end of year and 2020🎄🧚‍♂️ 🎄 🧚‍♂️

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