What happened at the Blind Side launch party

Featured image by Claire Tucker 

OK, so nothing that dramatic or exceptional happened. (Apart from my seriously red hair, that is – the hairdresser took me at my word.) To me though, it was a very special evening, and one I won’t forget.

I chatted with lots of lovely people, many of whom forked out for a paperback, then read from the book and talked a bit – which turned into a long list of thank yous for the amazingly generous support I received while crowdfunding the book. Anyone who pledged and couldn’t make it – you may well have been mentioned in my thank yous, but thank you again anyway! Thanks also to the manager of Daunt Books Hampstead for helping everything to go so swingingly and not getting cross about us leaving late. Sadly, a couple of people I’d been looking forward to seeing couldn’t make it due to illness. But lots of others did. Thanks to everyone who came and shared in my pride and excitement.

Wine and more sensible drinks were served admirably by a dapper chap and my writer friend who pitched in. I overindulged slightly in Prosecco and felt thoroughly dreadful next day.

Daunt Books front
Where it happened
With other Unbounders









Where’s the redhead?












The reading went well

Photograph by Claire Tucker 

No-one spilled their drinks – and splendid flowers
Practising the signature
J holding book
Practising the smile

Photograph by Claire Tucker

In other news

There’s been a frustrating issue with the paperback not being available on Amazon just when it was needed most, and stock not available for bookshops – but all seems to be resolved now, fingers crossed.

Here’s a list of shops where Blind Side is in stock (it can be ordered from any UK bookshop):

central London: Blackwell’s, High Holborn

north London: Camden Waterstones, Highgate Bookshop, Muswell Hill Bookshop, Daunt Books Hampstead, Primrose Hill Bookshop, The Big Green Bookshop

More shops including Waterstones branches have ordered or are due to stock shortly.

I made a sneaky visit to Muswell Hill Bookshop yesterday and was astounded to see my book on the front table next to the book I had coincidentally just been raving about on Goodreads and a guest blog post, All The Light We Cannot See:


Blind Side is available on Amazon in e-book or paperback format: geni.us/bldsd

Also available via iTunes and my book page on Unbound (worth seeing for the whizzbang revamped site design – and I have quite a startling new page!)

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