Blind Side paperbacks arrive!!


They’ve arrived! My author copies of Blind Side plus two boxes for selling at events.

Here are some pix that I took yesterday in my state of overwhelmed excitement. The dog was in a tizz too, barking like crazy when the doorbell went, and he spotted two large, very chewable boxes.

I celebrated with a large glass of red.

Today more celebration – my local paper is going to run (finally!) an article about the book, to be published on the paperback launch date (16th March) at Daunt Books, Hampstead in South End Road (see my previous post). I’ve agreed to write it myself – the deadline is next week.

Blind Side is now officially available from Amazon ( only unfortunately – but there are ways to buy if you live overseas, will find out soon). The book will be stocked in selected London bookshops soon and is now available to order from any UK bookshop. But don’t forget if you are within reach of London on the 16th you can get a signed copy at the launch. (Invitations have been sent – plus anyone following this blog is welcome to attend.)

So, it’s all happening! I’m off now to the post office to send off some review copies…



6 thoughts on “Blind Side paperbacks arrive!!

    1. thanks Sebnem! my brain is in a fog at mo. just sold my first pback, to a lovely lady who promises to read on the Tube with cover opened wide for all to see

      1. it is in the UK via bookshops and – overseas people can buy through resellers like Book Depository I think on site or possibly .com, not yet checked that

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