Blind Side Christmas price cut, #FridayBookShare and other news

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Christmas offer – Blind Side 99p/$1.25 on Amazon

For a limited time only from 16th December, Blind Side e-book will be on sale on Amazon at a greatly reduced price (99p, $1.25 or equivalent). If you’re tempted, why not check out the reviews! This is a great time to grab a copy for your Kindle or (if you can work out how to do it buy as a Christmas present).

How to gift an e-book to someone Note: THIS INFO ONLY APPLIES TO AMAZON.COM I have now learned. I’m not sure if there’s a way for customers to do this.

To buy Blind Side

Amazon – your country



Last week I was much cheered to find Blind Side getting a publicity blast in the book blogging world. First, my guest post Getting My Book ‘Out There’ was published on Mairead Hearne’s excellent, fast-growing book blog Swirl&Thread.

Then while out walking the dog in the woods I discovered to my amazement (after a deluge of bleeps on my phone) that Blind Side had been featured on #FridayBookShare. This is, to those who don’t know, a Twitter thing for bloggers to share their appreciation of any book they particularly enjoy. The post on Cathy Ryan’s blog Between the Lines was shared, tweeted and retweeted by a large number of book bloggers and authors, and gave me a smile that lasted until I lost the dog (they both came back!)

World events and Twitter

The past few weeks, apart from writing guest posts and articles, I’ve been busy editing Book 2 – though admittedly I’ve often been distracted by the terrible situation in Aleppo. While feeling angry and helpless at the plight of the Syrian people trapped there, I got embroiled in my first heated exchange on Twitter (with someone who accused me of belonging to the sadly disillusioned group of lefties who believe what we read in The Guardian).

It would have been worryingly easy to carry on the conversation and vent all my frustration on this unknown person and his absolutely ridiculous, preposterous, etc ideas. Instead I reined back my inner tiger, put pen to paper and worked on a poem inspired by Bana Alabed, the 7-year-old Syrian girl who’s become famous for her tweets from Aleppo. If I ever manage to sort it out (it’s a ‘specular’ or mirror poem, almost as fiendishly difficult to write as villanelles) I’ll post it on the blog.

Anyone else wondering how far to go with sharing views on Twitter, or tweeted too much in the heat of the moment?







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