The Christmas Spirit

Around this time of year, in this small, damp, dark corner of Europe (just about), the ‘Christmas spirit’ is well and truly in the air. We (Britain/England/United Kingdom) are still a Christian country at heart, dare I say. One can’t go out without a backdrop of Christmas carols and everywhere there seem to be Christian … More The Christmas Spirit

Real-life horrors, humour, running and fiction

Yet another terrorist atrocity, this time in London… and only a few miles from my home. I admit to feeling shocked and depressed for several days afterwards, despite making an effort to carry on as normal. Yes, though it can seem heartless, we need to do that as best we can, I believe, while doing our utmost to oppose Islamic extremism. … More Real-life horrors, humour, running and fiction

Monster On The Loose

After the suicide attack at a pop concert in Manchester this week, I struggled to find any words that would manage to express my stunned horror at what had been done in the name of religion.  To target teenage girls and children in this way seems to many to be sub-human, to go beyond what we can attempt to understand or even imagine. … More Monster On The Loose

INVASION by Jennie Ensor #Brexit #flashfiction

Seeing this is the week that Britain began its exit from Europe, I thought I’d mark the occasion with my short short story. Featured image by @Stefansstuff INVASION The birds arrived in small groups, day after day. In poor condition, with torn wings or broken claws or beaks missing, some floating in feather-stained water. Those that could sought … More INVASION by Jennie Ensor #Brexit #flashfiction

Blind Side Christmas price cut, #FridayBookShare and other news

Christmas offer – Blind Side 99p/$1.25 on Amazon For a limited time only from 16th December, Blind Side e-book will be on sale on Amazon at a greatly reduced price (99p, $1.25 or equivalent). If you’re tempted, why not check out the reviews! This is a great time to grab a copy for your Kindle or (if you can work out … More Blind Side Christmas price cut, #FridayBookShare and other news