Bowled over by first reviews of Blind Side

I’ve been in a state of altered reality ever since Tuesday 26th July when the first review of my book came out. It’s been… well, almost too much to take in. Are they really talking about my novel, the one I’ve doggedly pursued for years and many times felt like giving up on, that I must have altered and saved a thousand times trying to get right?

Reading Cleo’s first review in Cleopatra Loves Books, I was so afraid she’d say ‘this sucks’ or some politer variant that I mis-read a sentence halfway through, thinking ‘oh no, here it comes’. But she didn’t, to my eternal relief. Then came John’s review in The Last Word Review – he raced through the book in a few days – followed by Michelle’s 5 stars in The Book Magnet and finally Sophie who couldn’t put the book down and loved it, in Reviewed The Book. I knew by then that they really did like it, more than I’d thought possible.

I went out with my husband last night to celebrate the amazing reviews – thanks to all four book bloggers for taking the trouble to write up their thoughts and reactions. Also thanks to all the other bloggers who took part in the tour and hosted guest posts from me or interviews. (Sorry for the last-minute scramble to send the stuff through in most cases! Being ready on time is not my strong point, as hubby often tells me.)

The blog tour is over now, though the giveaway on Reviewed The Book runs until 3rd August (5 e-books to give away). No more waiting on tenterhooks for what the next reviewer will say or trying to persuade my brain at 2am to come up with some coherent thoughts for a guest post. Finally I can relax and enjoy it all!

Here’s the Bind Side tour schedule again with links to all the blogs that took part:

21 July The Last Word Book Review – guest post
22 July The Knitted Curiosity Cabinet – Q&A NewsNibbles – Q&A
23 July The Book Review Café – cover reveal
24 July The Book Review Café – guest post
25 July Liz Loves Books – guest post Linda’s Book Bag (post cancelled due to family reasons)
26 July Cleopatra Loves Books – review
27 July The Last Word Book Review – review
28 July The Book Magnet – review
29 July Reviewed The Book – review
30 July Reviewed The Book – giveaway

I’d love to hear what everyone else who reads the book thinks. Please let me know by leaving a review on Goodreads and/or Amazon. I imagine there could be some strong reactions given the subject matter and some of the issues raised – also aspects of the plot have struck me since the latest horrific terrorist incident in France.

Blind Side is now on sale for £2.99/USD 5.22 through Amazon and iTunes – or you can order via Unbound (£5.00). (Everyone who supported Blind Side on Unbound’s website has received an email with instructions on how to download their copy.)

BLINDSIDE_final very_small 265x407

Amazon: (lists book in the relevant country’s Amazon)

My thanks to everyone who buys a copy of my book – and all those who’ve downloaded theirs. I hope you will find plenty inside to enjoy.

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