Blind Side – Jennie Ensor **Blog Tour**

Here’s the first review of the Blind Side blog tour, from Cleo of Cleopatra Loves Books. It was originally posted on her blog on 26 July

Cleopatra Loves Books


Psychological Thriller 4*s Psychological Thriller

I’m going to start this review by stating that there was far more to this psychological thriller than I anticipated.

When Georgie agrees to have sex one drunken evening the last thing she could possibly have anticipated was the domino effect she’d set in motion. Rule number one which every woman who has left her teenage years behind knows, you don’t have sex with your friends. But Georgie did, she slept with her old university pal and confidante Julian.
Let’s just say that when Julian realises that Georgie doesn’t plan on repeating the exercise again, he doesn’t take it too well especially when he realises that Georgie has become close to a Russian man called Nikolai.
The scene is London in 2005 not long before the 7/7 terrorist bombing and the book accurately captures the mixture of emotions that swirled around at this time. Londoners defiantly showing…

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