THE BAD NEIGHBOUR, coming soon…

Book 5 now has a cover and a title:

The other day a trailer was released too, a one-minute video which provides a taster of what’s to come. (To view the video, see my Facebook page)

I had so much fun writing this book, a psychological thriller with a difference! Hopefully, people will enjoy reading it as much 🙂 Set in an English village during the pandemic in 2020, it’s largely about the relationships between three women who live next door to each other. One of them sets up a group to help the vulnerable in the community, but it all goes horribly wrong… Apart from the psychological suspense and mystery elements, the book is also about friendship and what can break it.

The Bad Neighbour contains a thread of dark humour alongside a look at serious issues such as jealousy, petty envy, greed and the negative consequences of social media. Although it can be intriguing, inspiring and invaluable for connecting with friends and writing colleagues, a darker side definitely lurks…

I started to write this novel soon after the last lockdown; its background includes actual events in 2020 e.g. the rising tensions in many communities during the Black Lives Matter protests. I’ve incorporated my own brand of Covid-related crime, and Zoom meetings inspired by the Jackie Weaver town council meeting which went viral, which you may remember.

Right now I’m looking forward to taking a short break from everything to crack on with my work in progress.

One thought on “THE BAD NEIGHBOUR, coming soon…

  1. Bravo Jenny!!
    J aimerai tant pouvoir le lire mais mon niveau d anglais n à pas progressé…
    Bises bonne continuation et félicitations

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