Silenced e-book 99p this week only

which makes this the perfect time to buy my book, of course 🙂 My thanks to all who have done so already, and to those who have reviewed Silenced.

(Amazon Kindle ebook, 99p UK 99c US.)



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Silenced is a psychological crime thriller about love, betrayal and the courage to speak out about wrongdoing. (And it was in seven ‘favourite books of 2021’ lists – just saying!)

Do you risk everything by telling the truth about wrongdoing, or stay silent and safe? A detective must decide whether to reveal a secret that has haunted him for twenty-five years; a murdered girl’s mother must decide whether to tell police everything she knows; an elderly resident living next door to a feared gang’s headquarters must decide whether she will stand up to terrifying intimidation.

Quotes from reviews and early reader comments:

‘Mind-blowingly good, deserves more than 5 stars’ – Donna Morfett, Donna’s Interviews and Reviews

‘Brilliant doesn’t quite sum up this incredibly detailed, intricately woven story. A beautiful gut punch might be closer!’ – Samantha Brownley, UK Crime Book Club

‘Just brilliant. Read it!’ – Deb Day

‘Powerful’ – Kate Rhodes, author of Hell Bay and the DI Ben Kitto series set in the Scilly Isles

‘I have had multiple child exploitation training sessions for my work, but this book brilliantly shows how vulnerable youngsters are groomed far better than any of them.’

‘A crime thriller with depth. It’s heart pounding, addictive and intelligent. It’s rare to come across a rollercoaster read that has heart, but this is it. A must read.’ – Barbara Copperthwaite, author of The Girl in the Missing Poster and The Perfect Friend

‘A complete triumph – well written, fast paced, empathetic and heart-breaking. I loved it!’ – crime thriller author Liz Mistry

‘An absolute tour de force. I raced through this haunting and devastating novel that gripped me from the very first page.’ – Michelle Ryles, The Book Magnet

“An amazing police procedural with elements of a psychological thriller.” – Lynda Checkley, Lynda’s Book Reviews and News

‘Wow. Brilliant!’ – Emma Hardy

‘Intensely gripping.’ Louise Cannon, Bookmarks and Stages

‘A stunning story by this author, her best yet, in my opinion, and highly recommended, but do be warned you feel like you are there, and it will stay with you.’ – Susan Hampson, Books From Dusk to Dawn

‘a great read’ – Jenny McClinton

‘Silenced is a fantastic book. It’s exciting, enthralling, completely believable and an absolute triumph.’ – Linda Hill

‘I was so engrossed that I lost track of time and stayed awake till 3am to finish it.’ Surjit Parekh, Surjit’s Book Blog

‘An absolutely thrilling, rollercoaster read, so cleverly told and so immensely authentic. I was gripped from start to finish. This is storytelling of the highest order and I can’t wait for Jennie Ensor’s next book.’ – Alex Day, author of The Best of Friends

‘Mesmerisingly good.’ – Linda Huber, author of Chosen Child, Ward Zero, Daria’s Daughter and Pact of Silence

‘Crime fiction at its best.’ – Ian Skewis, author of A Murder of Crows

‘Sally Rooney meets Lynda La Plante in this dark tale of teenage experiment and adult shame… Breathtaking and gut wrenching in equal measure.’ – Kerensa Jennings, author of thriller Seas of Snow

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