Reading from Silenced💀

At long last I can post videos again (pricier WordPress plan).

Here’s a couple of clips of me reading from my new book at the Brixton Book Jam on 22 November, a laid-back literary event held quarterly at a pub in south London.

It was the first bookish thing I’d been to for yonks – I had a lovely evening listening and chatting to fellow authors including Anna Mazzola, Rosie Wilby, James Benmore and Venetia Welby. My friend had a great time (much laughter at some performers’ humorous anecdotes) and my thanks to Mr E for his superlative camera skills.

The start of the opening section (a second or two after)

The first and second clips are both from the opening section of Silenced (with some page turn faffing removed).

The end of the opening section

Below is what I meant to put up before – the trailer created by Rebecca Collins at Hobeck Books. I love its chilling feel, which may well reflect certain aspects of the book.

Trailer for Silenced

If you’d like to find out more about the book, please see my previous posts and my Silenced page. Also (video clip to come!) the Silenced blog tour starts on 6 December, the day before publication. Looking forward to that, mostly.

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