Update from London

It’s been a while since my last post, I know… But it’s quality not quantity, n’est pas?

My book news to kick off. The paperback launch of NOT HAVING IT ALL last month went incredibly well, especially given the near non-arrival of the paperbacks.

Fortunately, due to an emergency order they made it just in time: 10.30am on the day of the event. (By then I felt almost as frazzled Bea Hudson in my book and the woman’s face gracing the cover.) The event didn’t have to be delayed after all, there was a full house, the actors performed the excerpts brilliantly (links to videos below – you can judge for yourself), I said what I meant to say without any major glitches, the cake didn’t collapse into a soggy heap due to lack of refrigeration, and most importantly everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I certainly did.

The cake
With the talent!

Many thanks to my sterling readers Diana Berriman, Ian Skewis and Runilla Chilton, to Mr E who took videos of their performances, and not least to the Crouch End Waterstones staff who ensured that all went smoothly on the night – especially the manager Oliver Thelwall for his enthusiasm and resourcefulness leading up to the launch.

A still from the therapy scene: ‘I don’t have much faith in therapists I’m afraid’

Watch the video of the therapy scene on Facebook

Watch the video of the Report on Suspicious Signs reading, starring TV/film actress Diana Berriman and Ian Skewis (author of A MURDER OF CROWS and narrator of the audiobook). Kurt, who’s away on a long business trip, starts to wonder if his wife might be interested in other women…

The ugly side of London

This past month I’ve started researching my next novel in earnest. I’m heading to the dark side again, this time to the world of gangs and the illegal drug trade. Living in London, one gets used to being vigilant for thieves on mopeds, and the almost daily headlines of young people stabbed or shot. I was shocked recently though to realise just how high the figures are for violent crime in my borough. This set me on a quest to find out more about what’s going on behind the headlines.

In other news…

I’m leaving tomorrow with husband and dog for our mountain hideaway in France, where I plan to spend much of the summer sans social media or TV. This may turn out to be a little ambitious, esp. as I may be toute seule for a while, apart from the hound. While there, I intend to read some of the many books stacked up on my iPhone and Kindle, and go on more long hikes in the mountains. Also, though there’s still lots of things I need to find out, I may be tempted to start the first draft of my novel.

What are you doing this summer?

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