Fun & frustration with videos

Testing testing 123

After many false starts I finally got a few videos done the other day of me reading from The Girl in His Eyes, thanks to a patient friend. (The previous ones I did myself were pretty crap, I decided – trying to hold phone while reading from the book was difficult, plus the close up look was not the best.)

I’ve spent the last three hours trying to copy and blog them and was nearly thwarted by the combined forces of my computer’s Windows software and WordPress. I managed to copy the edited files from my iPhone to my desktop, only to find that the soundtrack on one video didn’t match the images (or so I thought when viewed it on Windows photo viewer – all was OK when viewed in other software). Then I uploaded the videos onto WordPress only to find them rotated 90 degrees… Cue much frustration trying to edit. Then I discovered they were the right way round after you play them the first time. [yelling and pissed face emojis]

Here’s me introducing what I’m going to read. Please note that though it may look rotated it isn’t when you play it. (I know, WP needs to update this feature too)


Actually reading it, after another intro.

This last one follows on (a few pars from page 2). It ends with a great shot of our hound relaxing to my mellifluous tones 🙂

Gosh, that was a lot of work! Next time I’ll know what to do, I suppose. Will post more stuff soon, maybe.

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