So, my book is out in the world!

So, my book is out in the world! I’m really happy to see it doing well in the Amazon charts – and as for the reviews… Woke up this morning to a ton of tweets for THE GIRL IN HIS EYES blog blitz. The book really seems to have touched a lot of the early readers – and put a few people through the emotional wringer!

Now, a request if I may. It would be fantastic if some of my blog followers could buy the ebook in the next few days while it’s still at 99p (and equally fantastic, needless to say, if you could leave a few words ASAP in an Amazon review). Thank you if you can do this, and thanks to anyone who has already. The subject is dark, about child abuse and grooming, so you need to be able to cope with that. I’ve been very careful to describe things sensitively and the descriptions aren’t explicit or in any way gratuitous. Also some brilliant reviews so far, I might add. Well it is my blog so I will! The link is (universal link on Amazon)

cake for launch.PNGToday is super busy, have launch party to get ready for, dress, hair, food, booze etc to sort (and champagne courtesy of my wonderful husband).

Here’s a pic of the cake which some of us will be scoffing tonight – chocolate, orange, rasperberry and black cherry – my dream cake so hope I remember to eat some unlike at my wedding a few years back 😉  Thanks to Sophie the baking whizz who made it.

I’m expecting 40-50 people tonight at the London bookshop for the launch. We’re hoping to put some live video on FB from 8ish GMT, wifi permitting. Also will try and put some up on my blog soon.

5 thoughts on “So, my book is out in the world!

      1. Oh! No worries… love to see and hear positive stories… and have downloaded the book to my Kindle. Congratulations again. Look forward to reading… now that nights are shorter and colder… all the best to you.

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