Not slacking off, really

Just had a nudge from FB that I should make my author presence known. And there’s been nothing on my blog for a while, oh dear…

My excuse for tardiness in posting anything is that I’ve been busy getting my second novel MS ready and submitting to publishers – and preparing a plan for self publishing later this year should that turn out to be the best option. (More about this in later weeks, I promise!)

The other thing keeping me up at unusual hours is that Blind Side has been on promo.  I’ve been trying to get the word out and do my bit to encourage sales (started experimenting with FB and BookBub ads, apart from the usual social media things). They seemed to help get things moving, certainly.

I got quite excited at the end of last week when the US and UK Amazon rankings started to improve dramatically, then on Sunday the Book Gorilla email came out with my book in the top slot. Cue some late-night computer screen watching. I guess all will go back to normal soon, but in the meantime I’ve grabbed a couple screen shots as evidence:

Amazon uk ranking 5 March 2018 7am

The book did climb somewhat higher than this but I was too preoccupied to get a screen shot by then. Good to see the US Amazon rank improve too (from languishing around 1.5 million a week ago!)

Amazon US ranking 5 March 2018 6am

Oh yes, and this morning I saw a familiar cover up on the ebook deals page of Lounge Books:

Lounge Books Todays ebook deals with BS 6 Mar 2018.PNG

The price drop should go on for a few days longer (from £2.99p to 99p/99c/AUS1.99/Cdn$1.99).

Tomorrow I’m off to The Harpenden Arms to be part of a panel with fellow Unbound authors Kerensa Jennings and Ian Ridley, hosted by Katherine Sunderland. If anyone happens to be close enough, do come on over. Tickets at door or from Eventbrite. £10 or £5.

Writing & Getting PublishedWed 7th March8-10pmHarpenden Arms

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