CREATING FICTION FROM REAL EVENTS at The Sheen Bookshop, 6.30pm today

Fiction From Reality event

Anyone within reach of southwest London (Sheen) this evening, please join me (Jennie Ensor) and my fellow Unbound author Jessica Duchen for a discussion of writing based on real-life events. Our books both feature historical events. (Historical-ish events in the case of Blind Side, i.e. London in 2005, 7/7 and the Russia-Chechnya conflict a few years earlier.)

Jessica Duchen’s novel Ghost Variations is very much worth a read, especially by anyone interested in the 1930s period, classical music or seances/spiritualism.  It’s a fascinating story stemming from the ‘spirit messages’ believed to have come from dead composer Robert Schumann – and GV has been chosen as book of the year by Classic FM presenter John Suchet. (See a guest post and my review.)

Tickets are £2 (taken off the price of either book) including wine and can be bought through Eventbrite.

If you have any questions email or call 020 8876 1717.
Website for The Sheen Bookshop

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