Amazing things do happen once in a while


My Unbound project page has a bright orange disk with 101% on top and “This book is fully funded” beneath it. And my latest progress report says:

Amount to raise: (cue habitual stab of anxiety)

(swiftly turning to relief bordering on euphoria)

No, I haven’t won Lotto, been rescued from a stormy sea, discovered a galleon of gold ingots or finished an Iron Man event. But I feel as if I have – all four at once.

My novel is funded, after three long months of pledge gathering – which means Ghosts of Chechnya is going to be published by Unbound. This is relief indeed. I haven’t got to get x more pledges! I can spend my days cleaning the sofa or washing the dog or cooking a curry to end all curries… I can have a guilt-free nap and wake up with a smile. I can watch hours of TV serials, write a long meandering poem or start reading War and Peace.

But before I scamper away into the Land of Post-100%, I must say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me and my book by making a contribution – large or small, single or repeated. It’s hard to believe how generous so many people have been. At the risk of sounding like one of those Unbound promo messages, you made it happen!

A special big BIG ULTRA HUGE thank you to the anonymous donors who contributed towards my book recently. It has made all the difference to get such wonderfully generous support. I literally couldn’t believe my eyes on Thursday when I saw my % funded shoot up to 95% or so in one fell swoop while headed to Glasgow for an Unbound book event. Thank goodness I was in the passenger seat, not driving! May the universe smile on you, and return your kindness.

The final thank you is to the people who have been there for me – and put up with me – during the past weeks of crowdfunding. Sorry I’ve been irritable, obsessive, unavailable, etc.

That’ll do, or I’ll have to go and find a clean hanky.


The e-book will be out within a few months once it’s been properly edited, a cover designed and all those other things a book needs. The timing of this is not down to me so I can’t say for certain how long it will all take but I will keep everyone informed.

Once published, the e-book will be emailed to the Supporters of Ghosts of Chechnya on and will go on sale to everyone else (don’t yet know at what price) via all the usual e-book retailers (Amazon, Kobo, etc). Also I should add that up until some cut-off point as yet unknown by me, people can still pledge to get their names in the book and whatever rewards are still available (see my Unbound page for details).

Off now for a long bath and an evening in front of the TV, before the next set of tasks beckons…

on hearing book funded still 1
On hearing my book is 100% funded


3 thoughts on “Amazing things do happen once in a while

      1. yeh, and on that day in late November 1916 a bit of muddy ground called the Somme was a nice place for a stroll, as long as you were well wrapped and had a helmet

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