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at homeI’m a Celtic-at-heart Londoner descended from a long line of Irish folk. This must be why I sometimes sneak off from my latest novel to indulge my other love, writing poems (published under another name), preferably with a bar of chocolate.

For much of my life I’ve been a wandering soul, but for a while I’ve shared a house with my husband and our cuddle-loving, sofa-hogging terrier. While on an extended trip to Australia (six months somehow became 12 years) I obtained an MA in Journalism and become a freelance journalist focusing on the environment and social justice. My articles covered topics from forced marriages to accidents in coal mines.

My first degree, a BSc in Physics and Astrophysics, wasn’t so useful. But it impresses most people far more 🙂

He’ll drink anything

A few years ago I gave up journalism and other stuff to work on getting my novel finished and published – and, much more importantly – go on long walks with the dog, who lives to play, chew, lick and romp. He doesn’t angst about goals not met, things not done or too much time spent doing the wrong things in the wrong way. I’m learning a lot from him.  (Though my favourite fantasy is setting off to innumerable distant places for an unspecified period with a backpack and a few good books, sans dog…)

This blog will, if all goes well, share my meanderings towards my goal of becoming an author. It will also contain thoughts on books I’ve read and on being an author in today’s world, interspersed with short stories, poetry, guest posts, topics that interest me from psychology to nuclear war, bits about my book(s), random reflections on life and the importance of furry friends.

Update, December 2017


J holding book
Launch of my paperback at Daunt Books Hampstead, March 2017


OK, at long last I can proudly say I’m an author! (cue balloons & other silly emojis that don’t show up here) My debut novel Blind Side came out with Unbound in July 2016 and was the first title on their digital list. The process of getting published has been eye-opening to say the least – much of the pleasure and (let’s be honest) pain is covered in various blog posts.

I’m currently considering publication options for novel 2, an ultra-dark, transgressive psychological thriller. (If you happen to be a literary agent keeping an eye out for the next hot thing, please get in touch pronto!)

Authors, publishing people, agents, book bloggers, etc:  I’ve been featuring guest authors for a while in between book reviews and so on. If you’d like to appear on my blog – either a guest post or a Q&A – I’d be delighted to hear from you via the Contact form.


Available from UK bookshops, Amazon and iTunes

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