Portrait of an author in need of a rest

I’m pleased to say that I’ve survived the publication of my third book, though I’m feeling a little weary now and looking forward to putting my feet up. For those not yet awake or paying attention, Not Having It All: a brazen comedy about the perils of midlife was released a week ago, 28 May 2019. (It’s a no-holds-barred comedy about a woman pulled towards breaking point by the incompatible demands of her family and her career.)

Banner for the blog tour after publication

I’ve just about recovered from the excitement of last week’s blog blitz, and getting so many wonderful reviews from bloggers and others. (This has been replaced by angst about when Amazon will be putting up those wonderful reviews… But one can’t have it all!) It’s been a whirwind week of frantically writing guest posts, sharing and tweeting on social media, sending off books for review, showing off my book to random people at bus stops… Here are some links to a few of the stops on the blog blitz:

Ginger Book Geek

Not Having It All’ is one of those books that has a bit of everything.  There’s drama, humour and love in there and I loved it!!  I would definitely be recommending this book to other readers.  As I indicated above, I will definitely be reading Jennie’s other books just as soon as I can.  The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5* out of 5*.

Dash Fan Book Reviews ‘Not Having It All really is a compelling, light hearted and funny read.’
Rather Too Fond Of Books ‘I loved every minute that I spent reading it.’
Swirl & Thread (extract)
Me and My Books ‘The author has taken everyday worries and wrapped them into a fabulous story’
The Book Magnet

‘It is literally laugh out loud hilarious at times and I read most of the book with a smile on my face; a fabulous bit of feel-good fiction from Jennie Ensor.’

The first page of the paperback, from Bea’s journal

I am very grateful to my publisher Bombshell Books for going to such trouble to make the inside of the book so spiffing in both print and ebook formats. (Each character has their own visual style.) It really does look good, as you can see from these pics of the paperback.

I won’t go on too much in this post… Here are some pics to show the really good things that happened this past week!

Rather pleased to see this cover in this week’s picks of a well-known online book club

Next week (7-9pm Tuesday 11 June) is the Not Having It All launch at London – Crouch End Waterstones. There aren’t many seats left I understand. If you’re interested, please check with the bookshop. Free entry; to reserve seats email crouchend@waterstones.com or call the bookshop on 0203 551 9706. Further info

I’ve organised dramatised readings of extracts from Not Having It All, to be performed by a couple of very talented people: author and audiobook narrator Ian Skewis, and actress Diana Berriman, who’s appeared in a string of TV dramas over the years and the film Notes On A Scandal. All going well, I’ll be putting up clips on social media, maybe even here if WordPress will allow it. It’s going to be great fun!

Buy links for NOT HAVING IT ALL

The ebook is available to download for 99p/99c for a limited time.
The paperback is 8.99 and can be bought on Amazon from these links, or ordered from Waterstones.com or your local bookshop.
Amazon UK

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