My story: what lies behind The Girl in His Eyes

THE GIRL IN HIS EYES is published by Bloodhound Books on 18 September 2018 in paperback (£8.99) and e-book (normal price £1.99).

E-book available now to pre-order (99p/99c for a limited time):
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A quick post today with an update on the media interviews I mentioned in previous posts.

As some of you may know, I’ve started on the road to being totally open about the abuse in my childhood that compelled me to write my novel. This I hope may be helpful to others who have experienced sexual abuse, especially from within one’s family or extended family. As I know only too well, it can be very difficult to talk about – I kept quiet for years as a child, for fear of the consequences to my family.

We need to do all we can as a society to end childhood abuse, I think most people would agree. Part of this, I believe, means writing about things that are hard to write about, and saying what we find it hard to say. Now THE GIRL IN HIS EYES is about to be published, I have an opportunity to tell my story, which I’m going to do.

I’m pleased and a little surprised at the media interest, actually. It feels like a healing thing to do this, the final step in a long walk. Well, it would be nice if it is. But I know for sure, I am no longer going to be ashamed of something that was done to me long ago by someone who didn’t care about the impact of his actions.

This weekend (2nd September) an interview with me is due to appear in The Sunday Mirror’s Notebook magazine. It will available online on the day.

Next week I have a BBC local radio interview scheduled. I’ll probably post the details in advance on social media, unless I feel too overwhelmed by then and have gone off to hide in a darkened room.

Anything else happening, I’ll let you know.



4 thoughts on “My story: what lies behind The Girl in His Eyes

  1. When in the presence of grief or pain, It’s wise to give no wisdom.
    Just listen, then nod. And frame their sorrow with a silent hug.
    But in the presence of healing, what words speak so well as a smile?
    So take our smile, Ms. Jennie, and hugs as well.
    It’s a long way across the sea. But watch me cross it with a click.

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